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The state of Ohio has enacted generous laws with regard to worker’s compensation and workplace injuries. If you or your loved one has had an injury in the workplace in the Columbus area, contact the Columbus accident lawyer to begin your case today.

In the state of Ohio, if a worker has been injured on the job, they are legally entitled to compensation in one of three forms:

In the case of a partial disability resulting from a workplace injury, compensation will be awarded based on the percentage of the injured worker's permanent disability plus any scheduled losses such as inability to use the fingers.

In the case of temporary disability, Ohio law provides compensation for the duration of the temporary period. In addition, the employee's former position is held until they are able to return to work. Compensation is also provided to an injured employee that suffers a loss of wages as a result of being unable to return to their former position of employment. Injured workers that are unable to find employment due to physical restrictions as a result of the workplace injury also qualify for compensation under this law.

In the event that a worker is permanently disabled due to a workplace injury, the state will provide compensation until the worker’s death.

And while these laws may be sufficient for some workers, sometimes workers will need the assistance of a Columbus accident attorney to receive additional compensation from employers, insurance companies, etc.

Contact the Columbus accident attorney to begin your workplace injury case today.