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Columbus Dangerous & Defective Products Attorney

We often hear of products like cars or trucks being recalled for repair, but what if you or your children are injured from defective toys or tools? The state of Ohio requires that products function properly as described and per the expectations of the average consumer without harm. If you or your loved one has been seriously injured due to a defective product, the Columbus accident attorney can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Defective products can be flawed in three ways: design, manufacturing, and/or marketing.

Design defects are present in a product from the beginning concept before the product is even manufactured, creating inherent danger to the consumer. If the product is conceptualized with a certain feature that could reasonably cause harm for instance, that product may have a design defect.

A manufacturing defect occurs during the construction process of the product, typically during assembly. For example if a baby crib is missing a screw car or another part that is vital to the overall stability of the crib, there is a manufacturing defect.

Marketing defects typically come in the form of flawed labeling. Clients often hear of marketing defects regarding medicines and over-the-counter drugs, but marketing defects can also occur in the form of false advertising or inadequate instructions.

The injuries sustained from defective products are often quite traumatizing, especially if the products are for babies and children. Contact the Columbus accident lawyer immediately to for a consultation regarding your defective product injury.