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Columbus Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction accidents are all too common. Construction workers handle dangerous equipment, work in unfinished infrastructures, and expose themselves to countless other hazards as they work to build the cities of America. Even with the best safety measures, workers will find themselves hurt, sometimes quite seriously, at construction sites every day.

In the state of Ohio, most construction accidents will be covered by the worker’s compensation laws. These laws have been put into place to ensure that injuries are taken care of, and that in the case of disfiguring or permanent disability, worker’s will not have to worry about how to provide for themselves or their families.

However these laws are only so effective. In some cases, accepting worker’s compensation prevents the worker from suing their employer. The amount of compensation awarded is often for only a certain period of time---what if a worker is still injured after the compensation runs out? The Columbus accident attorney can help you sue your boss, contractor, or any other party responsible for the conditions on a given construction site.

The worst case scenario in any construction accident is the death of a worker. These deaths oftentimes leave families both in pain from the sudden loss and in a new situation of financial distress. If a worker is killed on an unsafe construction sight or in a manner that is the result of neglect by another party, that worker’s family is legally entitled to compensation.

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