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Columbus Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

Believe it or not, slip and fall accidents are more common than people tend to think. But as common as such accidents are, more often than not slip and fall accidents go unreported because of the popular notion that if a person falls, it is there own fault. While citizens are expected to use reasonable discretion in their daily travels, if someone slips and falls because of a water puddle on the floor of a store, it is not their fault. Even if the store manager or owner of the property claims that, “You should have been more careful,” he or she may in fact be liable for damages that the Columbus accident attorney can help you collect.

Scientifically speaking, the average eye does not consciously evaluate unexpected changes in a surface. Everyone has had the experience of walking on a sidewalk and suddenly tripping over an unexpected rise or crack in the cement. Lighting or lack thereof contributes to whether or not the eye can see a change in surface. If there is a hazard located on a property, the proprietors of that property have the legal responsibility to warn pedestrians and passersby.

The Columbus accident lawyer will mount a full investigation into the details of your case to uncover any act of negligence by the owners or managers of the property where the accident occurred.

We understand that a slip and fall injury can lead to a variety of other problems such as back pain, spinal cord damage, fractures, broken limbs, and even head trauma. If you or your loved one has slipped and fallen and suffered such injuries, call the Columbus accident attorney today.