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Railroad Accident Lawyer

Thousand of train accidents happen every year. Many of those involve train derailment or a collision with another vehicle at a railroad crossing, and tragically, many of the railroad accidents could have been avoidable.

Railroad crossings require substantial safety measures to keep drivers and pedestrians safe from the destructive force of a speeding train or light rail. When something goes wrong—when a crossing signal malfunctions, when a safety arm fails to fall, or when a railroad crossing sign is stolen and goes too long without being replaced—it is a formula for disaster.

Similarly, when a train’s brakes fail or a conductor stops paying attention to his job, tragedy can occur. Whether the result is a collision or a derailment, passengers can quickly fall victim to catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. In some cases, freight trains carrying dangerous chemicals derail, introducing toxic illness-causing runoff to neighboring towns.

A railroad accident can leave its victims seriously injured through no fault of their own, unable to work while medical bills pile up. For all railroad accidents caused by negligence, victims have a right to pursue compensation for their damages and losses. Our law firm represents individuals and families affected by all types of railroad accidents, from derailments to collisions to industrial spills. Our Columbus railroad accident lawyers are ready to fight on your behalf, investigating the causes of your accident, gathering evidence, and taking all guilty parties to task in order to ensure you the most favorable outcome possible.

Poor maintenance or negligence can lead to a devastating accident, but you should not have to pay the price. Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our Columbus railroad accident attorneys today.